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How OSPF Protocol Works & Basic Concepts: OSPF Neighbor, Topology & Routing Table, OSPF Areas & Router Roles, Theory & Overview

Introduction to OSPF Protocol. CCNA/CCNP Level. Learn how OSPF operates, OSPF router tables and info stored, OSPF Area boundaries, LSDB, LSU & LSA definitions, ABR, ASBR, DR election, Backup DR router and more.http://goo.gl/X3HGa4

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Understanding Hyper-V Virtualization Concepts, Virtual Deployment Infrastructure (VDI) and more

All you need to know about Hyper-V Virtualization concepts. Hyper-V Basics, Deployment models, network virtualization, VDI Deployment and much more, in one easy to understand article.http://goo.gl/L3B6K5

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SDN and OpenFlow for Beginners with Hands-on Labs

This new eBook, from author Vivek Tiwari, is a technical overview of Software Defined Networks (SDN), its meaning, concepts, working principle and, finally, a glimpse of its future. In a broad sense, this book is a brief glimpse of the … Continue reading

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