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Web Application Security Best Practices that Help in Securing Your Web-Enabled App

Best Web Application Security Practices and Principles to keep web applications safe from attacks: SQL Injection, Cross Site Request Forgery, Cross-site Scripting and more.http://bit.ly/web-app-best-security-practices

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Hyper-V Best Practices – Replica, Cluster, Backup Advice

Read our Windows Hyper-V best practices guide that will ensure optimum virtualization performance, safe Hyper-V Backups, Cluster performance, Replica capacity planner, availability of Host machine resources, NIC binding, Disk, memory & cpu performance plus much more.http://goo.gl/ffSpc4

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VLAN Security Tips – Best Practices by Firewall.cx

Our popular VLAN Security article provides guidelines and CLI commands (Catalyst Switches) aimed to increase the security of organization’s VLAN infrastructure, conserve valuable bandwidth between links, plus much more. This article was also featured on a popular US Security-Technology magazine.

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